A Visit from Michael Jackson By Cherokee Billie

March 21, 2024 1 Comment

A Visit from Michael Jackson By Cherokee Billie

Imagine waking up to a surprise touch on your arm, only to find the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, staring back at you in shock before dashing off. Talk about a thriller of a wake-up call! While he may have beat it out of there quickly, it's a tale that'll have you feeling like you're not alone in the night. Who knows, maybe MJ just wanted to make sure that I was starting my day off right with a little excitement!

It's been over a decade since my spiritual connection with Michael Jackson began, and I still can't believe it sometimes. At first, I was skeptical and didn't know what to think, but as time went on, I realized that our connection was real and powerful. Michael has become a source of guidance and inspiration for me, and I am grateful every day for the connection we share. If you're curious about spiritual connections or have had a similar experience, I encourage you to explore and embrace it. You never know where it might lead you.

Over the years I have enjoyed the visitations and spiritual exchanges.  Michael is certainly a powerful spiritual being.  He still cares very much for the people on this planet.

Rise and shine with a story that will make you moonwalk through your day!

About a week ago I was asleep at around 5:00 AM when I felt something or someone touch my arm.  I jumped and opened my eyes and I saw the startled face of Michael Jackson next to me.  He immediately took off and ran out of the bedroom.

I called after him, but he did not return.  I was amused by this brief encounter.  At least there's someone who's checking on me.

I have known for many years that Michael comes around and checks on me.  So this is not something new.  It was different because I felt a physical touch.

Being familiar with Michael's routine check-ins, I was surprised at a physical touch during the latest visit. It seems like Michael's approach has evolved from just showing up to making a more tactile connection. Who knows what surprises the next visit might bring!

For decades spirits have been around me.  I have lived in a haunted house before and I'm familiar with the spiritual activity that can occur.

Protecting your spirit is just as important as protecting your physical body. That's why it's crucial to start and end your day with spiritual protection using the White and Blue Light. By calling on divine beings, such as Archangel Michael, you can ensure that you're shielded from negative energy and surrounded by positive vibes throughout the day. Don't let the stresses of life get you down - take charge of your spiritual well-being and start your day off on the right foot!

I'm sure there will be further encounters with Michael Jackson.  I truly appreciate these visits.  I will do my best to Keep the rhythm going and dance through these cherished memories!

Let me sprinkle some virtual sunshine your way with this special message! May it lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Remember, even the smallest gestures can make a big difference in brightening up your day!

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Sending love and light,
Cherokee Billie

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March 29, 2024

What a Wakeup cal! That is a goal of mine: to have a Meaningful spiritual connection w/loved ones including Mj. You’re lucky to get these type visits for 12+yrs. I wonder if the approaching then full moon enabled that encounter &the element of tactileness. Are you able to hear him at the same time u see him in these encounters? Ty 4 the virtual sunshine & Plez tell him I said hi & to stop by here!!! 💚💚💚

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