Back to the Beginnings

January 17, 2018 1 Comment

Back to the Beginnings

I am often asked what started me doing spiritual work professionally.  It started long ago being connected with the spirit world from childhood.  As an adult I spent six years in a school for metaphysics and that really gave me a solid spiritual foundation.

I had been doing readings for friends for years, but never thought about doing it professionally.  In 2007 I was offered a job working on a psychic line on the Internet.  So I started doing readings professionally.  Working a psychic line is like being in a factory you have to pop out the answers like you are shooting a machine gun.  Within a few months I was the top psychic on the line.  It did not pay very well and I got to thinking I could do this myself.

January 2008 I launched my website Cherokee Billie.  Surprisingly I made it to the front page of Google almost immediately and my business took off.  As I worked with people I noticed that what most people needed was guidance on day to day life.  I started teaching in combination with doing readings.  This has proved to be the most effective method to help people.

I also discovered that I was able to communicate with the deceased.  I had never really thought about doing this and it wasn’t until a client asked me if I could connect her to her deceased son that I gave it a try. I started appearing regularly on radio programs doing readings.  A famous celebrity died and a radio program called me and asked if I could channel this celebrity.  I had never thought about it before but I figured I would give it a try.  And surprisingly I was able to connect.  I wrote about this on my blog and suddenly I had people coming from all over wanting to know what else this celebrity had to say.  I continued channeling and writing the messages on my blog for many months.

You never know who is watching you on the Internet and I found that there was a psychic medium who wanted all the attention focused on her channeling this particular celebrity.  She started a campaign against me that was massive as she was a marketing expert.  Suddenly I was bombarded with hate mail and death threats.  It just didn’t make sense to me because I never thought for a moment I was the only medium channeling this person.  Because I was gaining popularity this medium made it her business to make sure she took me down.  It was absolutely horrendous what happened for a long time afterwards.

When demons started visiting me I knew it was time for me to stop doing channeling.  I did stop even though I have written many articles and videos on channeling and I wrote my ultimate one stating that I was a Reluctant Psychic Medium.  I found a solution to channeling that works better for me and it is taking a client into the spirit world, using hypnosis, and letting them talk directly to their deceased loved ones.  I find it safer and far more rewarding for the client.

I found that I received the most happiness in giving answers and solid guidance.  So my business has gone through many evolutions over the years.  In 2012 Google knocked my website off the front page with one of their famous algorithm changes.  Suddenly I was struggling to get business.  I had always been active on social media and I focused much more on my social media presence.

YouTube became the most popular way for me to connect with people.  I was able to share what I have learned spiritually and found people were attracted to my messages.  Even though I had written hundreds of articles nothing was as powerful as YouTube.

It was at this point that I felt that I had to change the name from Cherokee Billie to Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor.  What I was doing was teaching spirituality along with answering questions.

Since launching my business 10 years ago the Internet has gone through tremendous changes and now it is bombarded with large corporate psychic lines, spiritual advisors, and private psychics.  I have never been able to get back up on the front page of Google.  Now I find it is a much bigger struggle to get business than it was when I started.  Most businesses are the opposite they struggle in the beginning.

Because I give such clarity and guidance many of my old clients only call once in awhile because they have received the help they needed and their lives have improved.  I’m so grateful when I hear from one of them because it’s wonderful to hear about their growth.

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

The current trend is to show your office or your surroundings on video.  This is not going to be something I do because my office is my bed!  I am crippled and I work from my bed.  I am not seeking sympathy in stating this, but letting people know why I do not make a video showing me because I feel it would be a great invasion of my privacy to film me in bed.  Many people are surprised that I can do such tremendous work even though I’m disabled.  My belief is that if you are determined and are good at what you do, nothing can stop you.

Everything you see on my website, articles, and my videos are done by me.  I do not have a staff.  I am not the most technically advanced person, and there’s many things I wish I knew how to do, but I’m a small little cog in the giant cyber world.  No matter what I keep moving forward.

So you now have heard the history of my little company.  The big companies are giving small businesses a run for the money, but it doesn’t mean we will not succeed.  For me success is in helping a person connect to their true spiritual self and being able to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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January 29, 2018

Re birth new beginning . feel like everyone’s sorrow is off my neck. And shoulders. 1 17 1989 I came into this world head first. 1 17 2018 Im ready to begin changing it back to what it was

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