December 2022 Spiritual Message

November 26, 2022

December 2022 Spiritual Message

December brings a ripe time for settling into trust, leaving those inner and outer challenges behind. For those who can accept their lives and life in general as it is, this month means tremendous inner power and peace.

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Listen to the Angels as they show us how to find grace within our hearts - the grace to embrace life in all its imperfections.

December is known for a time of festive holidays and joyous giving. Compassion and peace illuminate our path this December with much of the prior chaos and disruptions shifting into a gentle state of grace.

Like being wrapped in a cozy blanket, fireplace ablaze watching perhaps the snow, ice or even the chilly winds. Spiritually, we find the idyllic state of grace.

Our Universal Lesson and Spiritual Messages

Our universal lesson, the spiritual messages and energies almost tiptoe into this season of cheer and good will. The lesson is more in knowing when enough is simply enough. December is strong and faithful, carrying a beautiful message like the star atop a holiday tree.

Finally, it is time to rest and to be at peace with all we have both given and received.

It is our gift from the Divine Creator to rest easy in December as we spiritually prepare for the onslaught of the New Year. Our lesson is the ability to accept that what is, shall be enough. For those unable to graciously take the spiritual gifts, their spirits and minds will become restless, without anything of value accomplished.

December is about our time to just soak all of grace and gratitude and share our joy and thanks with the collective and universal energies.

Love and Relationships

In part with the festive nature of December; socially very few of us will be alone this month or season. Although "love" seems to be cropping up everywhere, we find in December such love is more of compassion and caring, friendships and family. Although with many attending numerous social events, it's certainly possible to meet a romantic life partner; however, the overall energy is focused on sharing our true self with others.

For those in committed relationships, so long as both can adhere to the "song" of rejoicing for what is and that such is enough, there is peace and harmony abounding. For those that spent November in chaos and distress and seemed unable or unwilling to part ways, we will be given a brief respite with December's calm overcoming most obstacles, for the month at least. Families seem to find new ways to cherish one another.

Our time becomes our greatest gift again in giving and what we receive from those we love.

To Sum it Up!

All in all, December glides in with lots of sunlight and moonbeams, and like a huge holiday gift to be opened, allows us all so weary from the spiritual lessons to rest and recover.

It is a month of rebounding and renewal, of the message of gratitude and grace rather than envy, greed and motion without intention.

Whether you sit by a literal fireplace or soak up the sun at the beach, we learn to accept what is given can and is enough and that each of us make the choice of what is enough and when we are ready to finally and very simply just be.

I wish all a very Merry Christmas, Yuletide and Happy Holidays in whatever you celebrate.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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