Holidays are Filled with Magic at Any Age!

December 07, 2016

Holidays are Filled with Magic at Any Age!

As you get older are you finding that you dread holidays? Maybe it is time for you to renew your self and become childlike. Remember the fascination, wonder, and anticipation concerning Christmas each year when you were a child? This is where we need to be once more. Many have let the sparkle go out of their lives. 

Whether you celebrate this holiday religiously or not does not matter. What is important is letting yourself go back and remember the fun Christmas was for you as a child.

Forget about all of the obligations you have; sometimes we have to let things go. Perhaps you do not have to attend a business Christmas party. Is anyone really going to be upset that you are not there? What is more important for you that day? Do you need to do something that satisfies your soul? Perhaps baking cookies and decorating them would be far more rewarding to your soul as it would bring back wonderful childhood memories.

The cookies could always be given as presents. It is not necessary to have to spend a lot of money on presents for people just because it is Christmas.

The amount of depression at this time of the year is enormous. The commercialism of the holiday season puts a great deal of pressure on people. Advertising in all forms indicates that you should be having wonderful parties surrounded by friends and family and laughing whereas that is not always the case! Many people live far from their families, or their families have passed on, and have no close friends. The pressure is on for you to have a good time because it is Christmas and New Year’s.

Stop and still your mind and think about what you would really like to do. What about taking a walk and enjoying the frosty air? Why not take yourself through the toy department and see what calls out to you? What about buying yourself a toy? The inner child is often crying out for things from the past, and there is nothing wrong with buying something that will please the child within.

You can bring the anticipation back into your life that you had as a child by removing the obstacles that have been placed upon us by society and the advertising community. There is still a Great Spirit and Angels that are more than willing to help us feel and experience the mysteries and wonders of life. Ask for the sparkle to be brought into your heart right now and see if you can change your experience of the holiday season.

Claim the innocence of childhood for yourself this year and let go of obligations. We need this now more than ever because of the pressures living in a depressed economy.

The same childhood magic is there for you as long as you can let go of thoughts, emotions, and pressures that impede you from experiencing a newness of life. What is passed is the past and live now. Do not stay buried in old emotions. Children live in the moment. Being a child is a blessing that you can have once more. Take time every day to please the child within you and you will be amazed at how quickly you feel like jumping and playing once more.

If you need help through this holiday please contact me and we will bring the joy back and your life together through my Private services.

Have a Magical Holiday Now!
Cherokee Billie

Holidays are Filled with Magic at Any Age!

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