How to Change the Vibration of the World!

January 04, 2022

How to Change the Vibration of the World!

Your Emotions Are Affecting The World

Did you know that your emotions affect the planet? Yes, you sitting there reading this message has an effect upon the planet!  Whenever we think with negative emotions we are affecting the mass consciousness of the world.  This has been proven scientifically that there is a mass consciousness and what we think affects others.  When others are thinking with negative emotions they affect the planet as well.

By changing your vibration you can help change the world.

Right now the world is in deep transition and it is important to use your emotions and energy for the good of all and not waste it on anything negative. Not just your thoughts, but such things as addictive use of cell phones, violent movies and television programs. I have found that people who have a great deal of difficulty in their life tend to watch violent programs as well as spending too much time on their cell phones. These bring about a negative vibration.

negative emotions

Look at all of the senseless shootings that are occurring.  When authorities investigate the background of the shooters they almost always find that they were involved in some sort of violent thought groups, demonic practice or idolized some other violent person.  Once again the energy that is going out is affecting someone.

People are becoming more afraid of their government, the Financial System, and environmental pollution.  When you live in fear you tend to not be positive and active in helping change situations.  We’re not to go around mindlessly thinking everything is perfect, because it’s not.  What we need to do is practice sending out the love vibration to our part of the world.  Even if you send out this positive energy to your neighborhood you are doing something proactive on changing the vibration and energy around you.

Anything that is not positive is bringing about a negative vibration. Cruelty, brutality, animal abuse, child abuse, and gossip, are all parts of this negative vibration. Want to stop it? Then all you have to do is change your actions and monitor your thoughts. It is easier said than done, but with constant attention and practice you can control the vibrations that you are sending out to the world.

Seeing Beyond YourselfI have a unique gift of being able to see and communicate with spirits. With this gift you also see negative spirits and trust me they are very real. Far more real than what you think. Because of so much horror in movies and television it is having a powerful affect on the mass consciousness of people.  Also this exposure makes it acceptable and it really isn’t.  Trust me you do not want to send out this vibration to the world because it is very real.

Notice that more people want to watch action movies than anything else. Most of these action movies are very violent and it numbs people to the true horror of violence.  It’s a rude awakening when violence actually affects someone they know and love.

It has also been found in studies that people who watch comedies and lighthearted movies have a more positive vibration around them. These wonderful programs bring about good vibrations inside of your spirit and that positive vibration goes out to the world.

It is also important to understand exposure to certain vibrations, such as loud noise, that includes listening to programs on your cell phone using headsets, which can cause health and comfort problems to humans. We are exposed to vibrations daily in work, transporting between home and work, basically any time we are near most sounds.  In reality it is almost impossible to avoid vibration exposure in modern society. What we can do is continue to monitor our reaction to these sounds and learn to keep ourselves spiritually protected and not allow yourself to be affected by these vibrations.

Another important vibration to pay attention to is the music that you listen to. Is this the vibration you want to send out the world? It is the same as with movies or television programs, positive inspirational music is going to uplift your spirit and send out that positive vibration to the world. Pay attention to what you are listening to and how it makes you feel.

Music is a mood booster and can instantly lift your vibration. Create a positivity play list of all your favorite music, chose anything that makes you want to sing dance and move.

Your Morning Routine sets your vibe for the day. Everyone is different but this might include:

Now is the time to work on changing the vibration of the world. You can be part of that change right now! Begin picking up good vibrations!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Need help?  I am here to assist you on learning how to change your vibration.  Contact me.

Blessings of love and light,
Cherokee Billie

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