How to Develop Real Compassion for Yourself and Others

November 10, 2022

How to Develop Real Compassion for Yourself and Others

Why Develop Compassion?

Let's talk about how to develop real compassion for yourself and others. There are three things we must discus - first of all, trust, second, love, thirdly, compassion. They all need to go together because they need to be a complete package.

So, first of all, before we begin, let's discuss the idea of compassion. Why do you want compassion? How does compassion benefit you and is compassion the only answer you need? I'll explain these concepts: Basically, the reason you want compassion or the reason you need compassion is because the more compassion you have, the more joy and liveliness and fun and expansiveness you have. Basically, people with compassion they have better lives, their lives are much better in many, many, many different ways.

If you're considering the idea of compassion - what does it mean? How does it benefit you? Basically, compassion gives you two things - it gives you the ability to interact with others in a much more enjoyable and helpful way and secondly it lets you live a better life. The reason you live a better life is because you can deal with things in a much better way.

So, basically those with compassion they have strength. Compassion is strength, if you lack compassion, you may find that when suffering comes, you're knocked off your feet, you're flat and you're completely immobilised or overtaken by the suffering, by the difficulty. However, when you have compassion, things aren’t so difficult, you feel like you have more carrying capacity, you can carry more suffering without being completely ruined or devastated by it.

Compassion Meditation

So now that we discussed the idea of compassion and why compassion is a good idea, let's discuss how to develop compassion. I'll give you a simple process you can use it goes like this:

First of all, you need to relax. So, begin by breathing in and out - in through our mouth and out through our nose. Do this for about 3 or 4 minutes and just really relax and get into the breathing just for a few minutes.

Now what we do is we begin the meditation like this: I want you to visualise your heart is like a beautiful shining, glowing star and feel the light rays from your heart are reaching out and imagine you're sending the light rays to the people you love. You're sending them love, you're sending them joy, you're sending them success, you're sending them the good things in life. Just breathe in and out for a few minutes, sending light to the people you love.

That's a very simple process on how to get into a state of love. Now we begin the meditation on compassion: So basically, what you need to do is think of someone you know who's suffering. There can be many reasons why people suffer - maybe they just lost their life partner or maybe their career is going badly or maybe they have a sickness, maybe something's wrong with their physical body. There are many reasons why people can suffer and they can suffer greatly. So, what we need to do is once again visualize our heart is like a star and now send rays of compassion into the heart and send them to thought “may you feel better, may you're suffering go, may you feel much better.” Make a wish on their behalf.

Now you can do this for 10 minutes or 20 minutes, but it will really change the way you feel and here's the answer to self-compassion: Self-compassion and compassion for others, the two are inseparable. If you have compassion for others, you have compassion for yourself, if you have compassion for yourself, you also have more compassion for others. But basically, it's better to focus on others rather than self.


Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

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