Magical Blue Moon March 31, 2018

March 12, 2018

Magical Blue Moon March 31, 2018

Enjoy the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018 on March 31 in Libra. We haven't had 2 Blue Moons in a year since 1999 and it won't happen again until 2037.  The next blue Moon is in October 31, 2020

Unlike most full moons this one does not have a specific name.  The Moon itself will not actually be blue.  Almost all full moons are white or yellow in color and so to call the moon blue was to state an absurdity

2018 is a magical year as it falls under the master number 11. There is a lot of change and awakening to be had, and March is definitely going to be one of the most pivotal months of the year.

In numerology, the month of March falls under the vibration of the number 3, which is the number of communication, truth, and total alignment with the mind, body, and spirit. Under this energy, there is going to be need for us to face ourselves truthfully.  It’s time to look at any truths we have been avoiding head on.  This is not the time to avoid the truth about you.  If you embrace yourself completely you are going to see tremendous positive changes coming your way.

Blue moons have always been considered fortunate and this one is especially so with all of the numerology lining up into the most powerful numbers possible. 

Communication is vital during this magical blue Moon.  Be open and honest with yourself and others.  You are going to find positive changes occurring. 

This Full Moon may feel more intense, and may bring up issues that need to be cleared and resolved.  Clearing out old issues is going to make room for more positive things to occur in your life.

Ceremonies for the Blue Moon

Look for blue stick candles. Blue is the color of happiness, peace and wisdom. It assists in opening blocks, clearing the mind, healing, strength and courage. All wonderful aspects that help us reach our intentions and goals.  If you cannot find blue candles purchase white. 

With a pencil write on the candles your intentions for this year.  Such as prosperity, happiness, or health.  Whatever is appropriate for you.  Have some sweet smelling incense to burn, such as blueberry.  Setup a special place for the candles and the incense.  Light the three candles and the incense on the night of the Blue Moon.  Send up prayers for the entire world as it is greatly needed.  Pray for those that you love and for yourself.  Give thanks for everything that you have at this time.  After you pray it’s a wonderful time to sing whatever is inspirational to you.  Do some chanting as this brings in the vibration of the universe.  Drumming is also a wonderful way of bringing in powerful energies.  And of course dance.  Dance for the joy of life.

Some people may feel inhibited about singing and dancing, but you should let your inner wolf come out and howl at the joy of life.  If you tend to be shy do this special ceremony by yourself when no one is around and then you can really let yourself go and be free.

It Is Time to Process the Past and Reset For The Future!

By the end of the month, Jupiter and Mercury will both be in retrograde.  This retrograde begins March 23 to April 15. Collectively, this energy will cause the end of March to feel a little slow and sluggish. But this may be welcomed news as we could need some breathing space to process the Libra Blue Moon.

Look for good fortune to come your way with your acknowledgment and celebrations for this Blue Moon.

Being as Blue Moons are rare and if you are finding yourself at a crossroads in life, now would be the perfect time to get spiritual advice to help you on your path.  The energies that are lining up for this Magical Blue Moon is going to be astounding therefore it makes perfect sense to find out what is ahead for you in 2018.  My Special Blue Moon Reading could be the most important one you get this year as this is about the direction your life path is taking you.  Learn More

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The energies that are lining up for this Magical Blue Moon is going to be astounding therefore it makes perfect sense to find out what is ahead for you in 2018.  
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Blue Moon Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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