Should Children Be Learning Tarot Cards?

April 23, 2019

Should Children Be Learning Tarot Cards?

I came across a post on a blog about a new product for children and it is Tarot cards, accompanied with a coloring book. This just floored me.  Upon further investigation I see that children’s Tarot cards have been around for the last decade.  Little did I know.

I am definitely not a person who feels Tarot cards can give you answers from the Great Spirit/God and His Angels. I believe they allow people to open the door to dark and negative forces, energies and spirits.  Yet over the past decade there has been an incredible amount of New Tarot and Oracle Cards decks being produced.

Most importantly, similar to the Ouija board, you do not know what spirit is actually going to come through the door when you open it. Children are very sensitive and therefore, more vulnerable to the influence of dark and negative spirits and entities. Why would you want to expose your children to this? 

Teach your children about God’s Divine light, Christ and the Angels.  As these are all loving divine spirits, true spirituality comes from these sources.

When you are going through a bad time or crisis, you sure cannot get help from a deck of cards.  I’ve been in some life-threatening situations and by calling on my angels and God, I have been saved. I have personally guided thousands of people to call on God and His Angels, using God’s Divine White Light to find comfort and protect themselves.

Too many people think Tarot cards have all the answers and therefore, believe true psychics only use these cards.  A true psychic does not need anything to receive answers as the answers come through them directly from Divine spirits and angels.  Nowadays most people do not know that there is such a thing as a spiritual reading that does not use Tarot cards.  People expect to see Tarot cards in any type of reading.  Its lack of knowledge that keeps them thinking this way.

Have you ever experienced a true spiritual psychic reading with no gimmicks?  If you have, you probably noticed there is a tremendous difference between a true psychic/clairvoyant reading and a “reading” from Tarot cards.  The answers are direct and quite simple versus the fancy stories complete with similar themes attached to each card. 

I have always found that the Divine Spirits are gentle and simplistic in their communication with us.  I am often amazed at people who give three page messages from the Archangels.  Most of the messages are usually from that person’s ego and not from the Divine Archangels and Angels. 

It is rare that you find a Tarot reader who believes in the devil or demons.  Negative forces are often overlooked and not brought up.  Perhaps they are being blocked by these negative forces so that they don’t see the reality of the demons that invade so much of our world.  These demons work through any opening they can find.  That’s why it’s important to keep your God Force Shield of White Light around you at all times so that you are protected from any and all negative energies.  Again if you don’t understand the Gifts of God how can you use them?

So many people have been turned off about God because of organized religion.  I myself was turned off from God for many years because of being brought up in a religion that taught such harsh judgments where I just felt I could not meet God’s standards. Obviously I found my own spirituality and understand that this Divine Presence does care.  When you can remove religion and tap into true spirituality you will know that there truly is a God.

As an adult, you can choose what path you want to take in life.  My belief is that children need to be guided learning true spirituality and how to connect with all that is divine.  As adults, they may choose a different path, but please give them a strong, positive foundation to establish a base that is rooted in all that is good.

Consider your child’s spiritual protection in everything they do.  Not only about using children’s Tarot cards, but also Ouija boards.  Pay attention to what they are tuning into on their cell phones.  Not only are there spiritual dangers, but physical dangers as well through social media.  Clean the energy off of your child’s cell phone or tablet daily using the White Light of God.

Our world has become more technologically advanced, but there is less common sense.  Also there is less personal communication.  Make sure you talk with your children and listen to what they have to say about their life.  Do not be harsh with your children and judge them, but rather always let them know that they can speak to you freely and you will speak to them in a calm and logical manner.  You might be quite surprised at how much you have been missing in your child’s life.

You only have a short time with your children before they become adults and are off on their own. Use that time to help them build a positive foundation to base their spirituality, maturing self-esteem and self-confidence.

“Teach your children well,
Their father's hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picks, the one you'll know by.”
By Graham Nash

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Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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