How To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones During The Holidays

November 01, 2019 2 Comments

How To Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones During The Holidays

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us This Holiday Season.

Who do you wish was there with you this Thanksgiving? Who do you wish would get in the car with you, and on your drive home, laugh at how funny everyone was? Who do you wish would help you make all the food, or prepare things so they were just right?  Who do you wish was with you at Christmas and New Year’s?  Who do you wish would hold you in their arms and go to sleep with you?  What little fur baby would you like to be snuggling with?

Simply ask this loved one to be with you.  Then trust that they are there whether you sense their presence or not.  They hear and see us much more easily than we do them.

During your holidays, your loved one will be there. Here's how to make sure they feel included.

  1. Talk about your deceased loved one openly at gatherings. You have so many memories with this person, the person that you love. Sharing these memories will make you feel closer to them and also it brings their spirit into the gathering.  They like to be remembered.

Do not be concerned about who might feel uncomfortable with you talking about your departed loved one.  Your experience is real and the person you love is real (and still is, by the way), so it’s ridiculous to pretend like they never existed. Even still, they WANT to be remembered. They want to be talked about. They want you to retell all of the funny stories!

  1. Set a place for them at the dinner table

This is a special way to honor your loved one as it symbolizes their presence seen or unseen.  Their spirit will be right there with you at the dinner table.

  1. Have a toast in their honor

Initiate a toast to your beloved. Invite everyone in the room to tell their stories of remembrance of this person.

Your loved one, the person you will be remembering – will be there – and beaming with joy. Who doesn’t feel awesome when they are, ever briefly, the center of attention?

  1. Make something they loved or participate in something they enjoyed

Did your loved one have a special tradition that they loved – a special food, ritual, or drink? Make the dish, and let everyone know it was your loved ones favorite.

Or, embody a little bit of the ritual they loved.  Did your husband love football?  Turn on the game, just for an hour. Hear it in the background, go into the room and sit down, next to where he would have sat. He will be sitting there and you won’t be imagining it.

Did you wife love to go out shopping, to a certain store, or made a special pie? Why not prepare it, or simply browse through the shop she enjoyed?

Did you always go Christmas tree hunting together? Picking them out in the snow, carting them home? Why not still do this? In fact, invite your loved one along – they’d love to come in Spirit!

After all, their tradition, when they were living, was your tradition too. No need to forget all about it now.

  1. Talk to Them

If you’ve lost someone very close to you – you miss talking to them and having their input on things more than you expected.

And now that they are gone, you’ve been talking to your loved one in your mind. Asking questions, telling them you missing them, imagining what they would say about something, laughing about how they might have bantered back with you. Sometimes you feel like you can just hear what they would have said.

Consider for a moment that this ‘imaginary’ conversation you are having isn’t something you imagined at all. In fact, clairaudience, or the ability to hear and converse with those in spirit happens in just this way. You don’t have to be a medium to hear your loved ones at all. Keep up the good work – and remember to give them a chance to respond. What you imagine as their response – it really is. You didn’t make that up.

  1. Hang an ornament that reminds you of your loved one or Christmas stocking. Write a written note to your loved one and place it inside the Christmas stocking. They do see what you write.
  1. Make an Altar

It helps to have a specific way to remember someone. A place where you can go, something that you can look at, an object you can hold – where you can always remember this person.  I wear my father’s dog tags always, because it reminds me of what a strong resilient man he was..  I think it’s nice to set up a special table with a picture of your loved one, a candle you can light and fresh flowers.  It makes it a lovely place for you to be and to connect with your departed loved one.  Many cultures do this in honor of their loved ones.

Please remember you aren’t alone on the holidays your deceased loved ones are with you.

Those in Spirit that you love will be surrounding you.  That includes your fur babies as well!

If you need help connecting with your loved one Contact Me and I can help you!  Learn more Click Here

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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Els Wallays
Els Wallays

December 25, 2020

That was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for your wonderful inspiring messages through all channels this year, dear Cherokee Billie 👌😉

Els Wallays
Els Wallays

December 25, 2020

That was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for your wonderful inspiring messages through all channels this year, dear Cherokee Billie 👌😉

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