It’s hard to believe that I made it to 72 years old!

May 21, 2023 5 Comments

It’s hard to believe that I made it to 72 years old!

I never thought I would live this long. With all that I have gone through physically, emotionally, and spiritually I am amazed that I’m still here. Everyone tries to tell me that I have some special purpose for being here, but I think I’m just a stubborn bitch who refuses to give up. Click Here to donate. 

Looking back over my life I had some good times.  I have incredibly fond memories of my parents, my first love, my pets, going to concerts and hockey games and mingling with the rich and famous.

Unfortunately when I hit my early thirties my health really deteriorated.  Chronic illness turned my whole life around.  I was already struggling when I fell hard on my hips and it caused me to be crippled.  I do not ask for sympathy or pity.  Just stating a few facts about my life.

I’m grateful that the spiritual work that I have been doing has helped people that I do not even know. It takes a lot of work to do social media every day, but I receive messages from people telling me that I have changed their life even though we have never spoken. There are days when I’m so sick or in so much pain that I do not feel like working on the Internet, but these messages, from people like you, keep me inspired and I know that I’m helping others.

People think that because you are doing spiritual work everything in your life should be perfect, but that’s not always the case. Many other spiritual workers have written to me telling me that they find themselves having illness and not sure how to proceed in their spiritual work feeling like they are somehow a failure. Everything happens for reason and I believe in my particular case that the hardships that I go through have been for the refining of my soul. I would never have known who I really was if life had been easy for me.

I thought of highlighting some of the key moments in my life.

  • Having the security of my parents
  • Seeing the Beatles live
  • Falling in love the first time
  • Seeing my first National Hockey League Game
  • Seeing Jimi Hendrix live
  • Living on my own
  • Getting married the first time
  • Becoming chronically ill at the age of 23
  • Getting divorced the first time
  • The loss of my little Parakeet Tweety
  • Getting married the second time
  • Getting divorced the second time
  • Finding metaphysics
  • Getting my Bachelor’s of Science Degree
  • Obtaining my Naturopathic Degree
  • The death of my mother
  • Practicing clinically as a Naturopathic
  • The loss of my dog Lady
  • Falling and injuring my hips
  • Becoming bedridden
  • The death of my father
  • Having faith in The Creator
  • Becoming an Interfaith Minister
  • Writing my First book
  • Being a Spiritual Advisor
  • Being an inspiration to others without trying
  • Being a Certified Animal Communicator and Healer
  • Losing my Precious Cats Isis and Tigre

These seem to be the key moments in my life. Of course there’s so much more to one’s life, but I’m not sure what all to say. If you want to know the details of my life check out my book, ‘Heavenly Seduction.’ It is the memoir of my life.  I do not paint myself as a saint and I tell my story as it truly was.  With the good and the bad.

I do want to thank those of you who have followed me over the years and contributed to some special moments in my life. I thank all of my clients who I have taught and have taught me.

I am grateful to everyone that has used my services privately. As a small business person this recession has really hit my business tremendously. The feedback that I receive tells me that I have helped people on their path and given them direction.

I’m grateful that the work that I have been doing has helped people that I do not even know. I receive messages from people telling me that I have changed their life even though we have never spoken. That is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. If you find that the work that I have done over the years is of benefit to you please make a donation to keep my website up and my business running. This is a spiritual ministry and I depend upon your support by using my services or your donations to keep doing the work that I love and that helps so many.  Click Here to donate.   Any amount of support will be appreciated.

This quotation from the song by Frank Sinatra I feel pretty much sums up my life. “Let the record show I took the blows and did it my way.”

“When I go from here, I want to leave behind me a world that will be richer for the experience of me.

I want the creatures – the animals and birds – to be a little less afraid of human beings because they have known me, because I have blessed them and loved them and far from doing them any harm have done them good.

I want to leave trees that are rustling with my thoughts,

Trees that have heard me speaking to them when we were alone together, trees that, one day, long after my form has disappeared, shall still in some mysterious way, cherish in their beings their secret knowledge of me, so that others who shelter from the rain, or who seek shade under their branches, shall catch the peace that went out from me.

I want to store up riches in the wind, and leave blessings travelling upwards to the stars.

I want to leave my peace in the grass.

I want the tears that I have shed for the sake of high love to come again in the dew.

I want to leave Nature richer for having known me.

I want to leave the Human Race surer that there is a Divinity that shapes their ends. I want to leave all with a wider vision and a greater sense of purpose.

When I go from here, I want to leave behind me a deeper sense of God.”

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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May 23, 2023

You are an amazing being and such a blessing to so many! Know that you are truly loved. <3


May 27, 2022

Truly beautiful you are!


May 24, 2022

Please pray for me

Liz Tarazona
Liz Tarazona

May 24, 2022

You are truly a blessing Cherokee Billie. You have helped me so the world now in such a beautiful meaningful way!

So grateful I and thankful I met you.

J. Wendy Wieser
J. Wendy Wieser

May 23, 2022

You are an inspiration because you keep continuing to live life to the foolish and help others

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