My Thanksgiving Message

November 12, 2022 1 Comment

My Thanksgiving Message

I am honored and blessed to have you as part of my life.  May this holiday season bring love to your life, health to your body, and peace to your home now and always.

Thanksgiving isn't just a holiday that comes once a year. It's an everyday thing, giving thanks daily for the gifts of clean air, food, water and loving healthy relationships. Peace, love and a true thanksgiving!

Have you stopped to think about it?

What DO you have to be thankful for?

Having the Gratitude Attitude

Yes, it might feel great to win the lottery. Money, houses, travel – these are wonderful, but not enough by themselves. You need the right frame of mind to fully enjoy life. You need the attitude of gratitude.

Be Grateful

Be thankful that you are able to breathe on your own without the use of a machine. Be thankful that you can get out of bed without assistance. Be thankful that you can walk, talk, and see. There’s so much to be grateful for every day of your life, it’s just changing your attitude.

Life is better when you feel blessed, when you can look around and say “Thank you, Creator.” Religious or not, when you see life as a wonderful gift, your experience is a richer one than any amount of money can provide. Imagine going through life like you’re a child, and every morning is Christmas.

It’s tempting to think gratitude comes from having what you want. You see yourself giving thanks if you had money, a loving family, and maybe a house on the beach. Still, you know there are ungrateful, unhappy people with these things, and poor people full of gratitude for what little they have. Where does this feeling come from?

Creating Gratitude

Gratitude arises from how you look at things. It is the natural feeling that comes from truly appreciating the people and things in your life. It is also something you can learn.

You’re never too old to start learning how to be grateful.

First, you have to stop and smell the roses. You can’t be thankful for something you don’t notice or enjoy. Roses really do smell great, by the way.

Then, you need to make this appreciative approach to roses and life a habit. There’s no need to ignore the ugliness in the world, but you have to habitually see the beautiful things.

Start writing down every positive thing that happens to you, and all the things you like. I recommend buying a journal just for writing about gratitude. Do this until you start automatically seeing the good things in life. If you’ve ever bought a white car, and started seeing white cars all over, you know how awareness can alter your perception of reality.

To see wonderful things all over, train yourself to look for them.

When you are in the habit of “counting your blessings,” gratitude, and a much richer experience of life is the natural result. The Great Spirit Honors you when you count your blessings. You will find you are receiving more out of life then you ever did before once you develop a gratitude attitude.

Be thankful for what you have and have had.

May you feel the true blessing of being thankful this Thanksgiving.

I am grateful that you took the time to read this message.

Many Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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November 20, 2020

Yes you are right having an attitude of gratitude is very important counting your blessings everyday development of this in every way but the trick is is always to look for it how you look for it how you feel about it what you see what you hear what you feel that you’re grateful for my personal experience is feeling grateful so I come from a place of thanks I think the universe God Source energy Creator or the great spirit as you say in all its names the supreme spirit with the angelic realm calls but you do need to train your mind just think and feel having an attitude of gratitude is very important I find when you thank God the universe Source energy creator or the supreme spirit it helps keep you in alignment with love and light in the heart and with much appreciation thank you have a great Thanksgiving this great love great peace and with Honor and with great light to you from an unconditional standpoint love peace and harmony Joy happiness fun and play are also very important in this Thanksgiving to all with love have a great one…

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