New Moon May 7, 2024 by Cherokee Billie

April 30, 2024 1 Comment

New Moon May 7, 2024 by Cherokee Billie

The Taurus New Moon on Tuesday, May 7, invites you to indulge in the finer things in life. Take advantage of this sensual energy by pampering yourself with a luxurious bubble bath or a sumptuous face mask. This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy some much-needed self-care. Embrace the comfort and pleasure that comes with treating yourself like royalty. Let the Taurus New Moon be a reminder that you deserve to be pampered and taken care of. So go ahead, indulge and revel in the luxurious energy of this celestial event.

After a hectic April, May promises to be a calmer month. The cosmic activity kicks off on May 2nd when Pluto, the planet of transformation, goes retrograde in the sign of independent Aquarius. This is an opportune time to put into action the personal insights and reflections from the past few months. Whether it's a simple change like a new hair color or a more significant transformation like starting a new business, this retrograde period encourages you to make your thoughts a reality..

Harness the powerful energy of the new moon to set intentions and kickstart new beginnings in your life. As the perfect moment to sow the seeds of your deepest desires, take this opportunity to make a wish, set intentions, or make a promise to yourself. Remember, your thoughts and words hold immense power, so be mindful of what you wish for and focus on manifesting your true desires. Just like the moon's phases, our intentions also evolve, so take the time to reflect and clarify your goals. Embrace this magical time to align your vibrations with your aspirations and watch your dreams flourish under the new moon's radiant glow.

Set your New Moon Intentions in Motion

  • Cleanse your sacred area with an Opening Prayer; use the White Light, and by burning some incense.
  • Light one or more candles, have your favorite crystals with you. Have anything you consider sacred with you.
  • Center and calm yourself. Take some deep cleansing breaths. Play music that is peaceful and meditative.

Embrace the transformative power of manifestation by jotting down your deepest desires in a notebook. Whether they are big or small, let no limits confine your ambitions. By manifesting smaller goals, you pave the way for larger successes, building a foundation of confidence and self-belief. Start your journey towards fulfillment today.

Don't let the darkness of uncertainty cloud your way forward. Get a New Moon Spiritual Reading and let the stars guide you towards success and happiness. I will help you unlock the secrets of the universe and provide you with the clarity and direction you need. With guidance, you'll be able to navigate through life's challenges with ease and confidence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your destiny. Book your New Moon Spiritual Reading today!

New Moon blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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April Kassebaum
April Kassebaum

May 02, 2024

New moon blessings Billie🕊

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