Signs Your Pet Sends from Heaven

March 14, 2021 3 Comments

Signs Your Pet Sends from Heaven

Losing a precious pet is one of the hardest things you may experience in your life.  They love you unconditionally and are always there for you.  When their physical presence is gone it leaves an empty hole in your soul.  So find out some of the ways that your pet will use to reach out to you.

Animals do live on beyond this life.  They want you to know that and they are always looking at ways to signal you that they’re still there with you.

Lady and Cherokee Billie

One of the easiest ways of knowing that your pet is still around is hearing their name being said consecutively or periodically.  From personal experience I have found this to be very true.  Example my wonderful little dog Lady passed away at a young age from cancer 34 years ago.  Her death was the most devastating I ever experienced as I had spent four months giving her every medical treatment possible and not leaving her side until she passed.  Needless to say I was a wreck for quite some time.

When she was alive I used to sing to her all the time the song Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix.  I had forgotten about this because of my grief.  One day as I was driving my car the song Foxy Lady came on the radio and I just broke down crying as I knew it was her letting me know she was still with me in that car.  I noticed that every time I got into the car that song seemed to be on the radio.  I do not believe in coincidence and I know that it was her signaling me that she was still with me.

You may hear your pet’s name being said on television, radio or on the Internet.  It’s their way of saying “I’m still alive and with you.”

This may sound simplistic, but many of my clients have told me similar stories about hearing their pet’s name in different ways.  So don’t dismiss it the next time that occurs for you.  Know that it is a sign!

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Another way they will come through is by sound.  You may hear sounds your pet made such as barking or purring close by you.  You may hear the sound of their little bell on their collar ringing as they walk through your home.  That is their way of saying Hello I’m still here.  These incidents happen quickly and don’t dismiss them.  You may hear their nails on the floor or the sound of them scratching their scratching post.  Sounds are one of the most common ways they will come to you.  That is the way these precious little spirits communicate to let you know that their fine on the other side and still by you.

It’s important on your part to accept that this is your pet communicating with you.

Often the signs that we are being given go unnoticed.  As a human it’s natural to go into grief and depression after losing such an important part of your life.  Your pet is constantly trying to get your attention, but when your vibration is lowered because of your grief you just won’t hear or feel it.  It’s nothing wrong in that.  It’s quite natural to be cut off from your true emotions at this time.  So don’t feel that you’re doing something wrong, you’re just being a human experiencing a great loss.

One of the strongest ways you will receive signs from your pet is in dreams.  In dreams you are most a open to the spirit world.  You are not blocking it with your conscious thoughts.

The dream may be quite normal and everyday things that you did together.  It may be you walking your dog.  Your cat sitting on your lap purring.  They’re going to come through in their most normal and comfortable way.  You may dismiss this because it’s so simplistic.  This is your precious baby coming through the only way it can when you are not blocking them with your thoughts.

Here is a way that you can create this visitation tonight.  When you lay down in bed think about some of the precious moments you spent with your pet.  Then ask your pet to come to you in your dreams.  Tell them how much you miss them and how you need to feel them with you again.  Trust that they will always come to you because of their love for you.

I recommend you keep a pen and paper by your bed and when you wake up in the morning write down the first thing you remember from your dreams.  You may start to see patterns and how your pet is coming through to you.

When your pet was alive all it wanted to do was please you and that has not changed.  They still want to make you happy and they don’t want to see you crying and sad.

Follow these tips and you’ll start to understand and experience how your pet wants to communicate from the other side.  Remember energy cannot die it only changes form.  Your special baby has just changed form, but is still very much alive.

I Trust that this article has benefited you in connecting with your beloved pet.

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Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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March 19, 2021

Thank you for this precious post from the bottom of my heart! I miss my Whisky spaniel so much, that I can’t believe it’s 11 months that’s he’s gone. I do feel him against my Legg but most importantly I my heart. The day will come that I contact you..

Lollie Wong
Lollie Wong

March 15, 2021

I have read this article that you wrote before Cheerokee Billie and it gave me a warm feeling inside. Though sadness fell upon me also, I still appreciated her thoughts. I sit here on the couch having my coffee and I have a large head shot right here beside me. As I look over to him, that is my beautiful son Baron, he is looking right back at me. I lost him from the earth two years ago now but it feels like yesterday. As tears roll down my cheeks, they are never as painful as the ones that fall on my soul. I look over at him and touch his head gently with my hand moving over him like I am petting him. I talk to him every day and sometimes several times a day. My heart ❤️ aches when I know he will not be lying here beside me with his head on my lap. The moments we had like that were many and I cherished each one. Our connection is so very deep and I truly feel that I gave him birth. I know I did not but that is how close I am to him. I believe that Baron was truly a gift from God for me. I love 💕 him more than most people love ❤️ their human child. He is everything to me and I cannot wait to be reunited with him. I hope it will be sooner than later. I know he has been here with me as he has turned lights off and on. I have pictures of him with us covering half of our kitchen table that will always stay there. I actually have pictures every where. We have an enlarged picture in our Den beautifully framed off Baron when he was only 4 months old. When I look at it at night with only the hall lights on, his head actually moves and one back leg. It is amazing to see and I talk to him then too. My husband cannot see this happening; only me. Thank you Cheerokee Billie for guiding me into that Spirit World. I have actually seen Baron there. God I can’t wait to join him !!


March 14, 2021

That was beautiful

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