StarSeeds! Are they Sprouting Life on Earth and Beyond? Are You One?

May 29, 2017 1 Comment

StarSeeds! Are they Sprouting Life on Earth and Beyond? Are You One?

While most of us feel at home here on Earth, there are those among us who feel the pull of something else, a greater calling from the stars. There are even those who feel that they’ve been here before - perhaps on a mission from another world entirely. These individuals belong to a special group people called “Star seeds.” Their greatest goal is to assist in the consciousness-raising of others, so that all people on planet Earth may be awakened to the dawning of a new era. And while StarSeeds are indeed exceptional, they are not necessarily rare. You may even find yourself relating to the following descriptions…

“Star seeds” are essentially star-born humans; people who were first incarnated in the worlds of other solar systems and have since been reborn here. StarSeeds often struggle to come into their own because they are not born with an innate awareness of their condition, and feel the same amnesia that Earth humans do regarding their identity and true origin. It takes a lot of self-reflection to realize one is a Starseed. Some people find themselves over years of discovery, while others obtain a level of self-realization from one specific catalyst. As their identities evolve, Starseeds start recovering more about past experiences and memories regarding their true life purpose.

While Starseeds do physically appear as regular humans, some of their senses are heightened to the point where others may find them odd. They may be able to acquire knowledge without consciously trying, guided by a certain inner-knowing. Others may feel a heightened sense of empathy in such a way that they are capable of telepathy or even genuine psychic work. Out-of-body experiences and astral projections are also easily obtainable for Starseeds, both of which being events that drive many Starseeds to discover their identity.

There is no “tried-and-true” way to discover if you're a Starseed. But many Starseeds don't need proof. Their intuitions tell them exactly who they are without minding left-brain or otherwise logical explanations--it just feels right. Several well-known figures within the scientific and creative communities have even spoken out on the fact that the Starseed or "star person" identity may apply to them. Sheldan Nidle, the founder of the UFO religion Planetary Activation Organization, feels his telepathic abilities and relationship with extraterrestrials make him a Starseed. Science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick, whose work was adapted into popular films such as Bladerunner, Minority Report, and Total Recall also feels that he may be a Starseed, a theme which persists throughout many of his novels.

If you feel you may be a Starseed yourself, don't be afraid to deepen your reflections. Many Starseeds are told they're “antisocial” because they tend to feel ostracized or disinterested in many of the facets of modern day life. They may be plagued by an inescapable feeling of loneliness or inexplicable homesickness, as though they would rather be somewhere that doesn't exist. Many Starseeds feel awkward in their bodies, leading them to often change their appearance, hair color or clothing style, and an intense love for science-fiction media is not uncommon either.

Living life as a Starseed, you may feel like you're on an important mission, the details of which remain hazy. These are normal sensations for beings born of another world, even if they're not pleasant. Just keep yourself open to new ideas and new emotions - the clarity may one day come to you, and staying open to the myriad of little ways you can put your potential to use may provide comfort. Simply identifying yourself as a Starseed and recognizing your purpose requires strength, persistence and a lot of patience. 

We can take solace that our world is open to communicating with Starseeds and further understanding them. Mankind has attempted to reach out to extraterrestrials and real “star”/interplanetary travelers via satellite for years, as a fascination with the outer universe is common among both star-born humans and terrestrial Earth-born beings alike. Starseeds can provide us with many of the intuitive answers we are looking for, as they possess knowledge as vast as the cosmos itself.

I personally relate too many of the characteristics that is associated with the StarSeeds.  I feel that I obtain knowledge that I cannot explain having.  If you feel that you or someone you love may be a Starseed contact me and I will identify what they are and help you or your loved one on their path on planet earth.

Choose one of my many affordable services and together we will discover what your incarnations may have been and what this may mean to you today.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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April 16, 2018

Nice information sir. I feel animal’s. Attachments. Last 7 years birds and animals death experience. They come to cure or at their last moment as I take in my lap and feed water they leave body looking at me continue. If I walk on road people sometimes look at me and take aside. I feel very different. Finding why? Please help if you.

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