5 years Without My Cat Isis

April 14, 2020 4 Comments

5 years Without My Cat Isis

With the quarantine so many people are feeling lonelier because they have lost a pet.  Many people have lost pets and some are so special that they cannot get over the loss or else they can’t forget that particular pet.  I am no exception.  So that you don’t feel that you are alone or that there’s something wrong with you I’m writing about the loss of my cat Isis - five years ago.  I’m sure many of you can relate to what I’m saying.  As an Animal Communicator I find that grief hangs on for many years for so many people.  So take a few moments and learn about the most remarkable pet I ever had.

April 29, 2020 marks 5 years since Isis crossed the rainbow bridge.  We had fifteen remarkable years together.

In all my years there was no animal that crossed my path as remarkable as Isis.  From the first day she came home she had wisdom that far exceeded anything I had ever seen.  She understood everything immediately.  She never had to be taught anything.  Not once did she ever do anything disruptive or cause any problems.

She was my first cat and a Rescue Kitty about five months old, and when she came into my life. She had big beautiful green eyes, black silky hair, and walked with great dignity.  I felt there was only one name that suited her and that was after the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

She understood how to move around me, as I am bedridden and the slightest little thing can cause incredible pain.  She would flatten her body out to where she was no more than 1 inch high and lay under my arm.  She knew that if I my arm was elevated it would cause pain.  She was a true shape shifter.

She would always stand by the chair I was sitting on and ask permission before she came over. She did the same thing when she jumped on the bed she would never come near me unless I told her it was all right. She had incredible manners.

Her psychic abilities were amazing.  I always trusted her instincts because they were accurate.  She was able to speak to me telepathically in English.  There is no need to try to figure out what she wanted to relay because of her incredible psychic abilities, it was easy to understand.  I always felt she was a greater mystic then I will ever be.

She loved Jimi Hendrix.  In our time together we lived in many different homes, but one of the first homes we were in together had a remarkable built in entertainment center with speakers five feet high.  I noticed that whenever I put on a Jimi Hendrix CD she would stand in front of the speakers and not move.  Eventually I knew all I had to say was, “Isis, It’s Hendrix” and she would come running from wherever she was and stand in front of the speakers.

Isis had a deep distrust of all people.  I do not know what her life was like before she came to live with me, but it obviously taught her a lot about people.  I was fortunate to be the only person she trusted.  I had to earn that trust with her. When she first came to live with me she would lie on my physical therapy table and gently swat at anyone who went by. Most would freak out and scream.  I know she was inwardly laughing at that. When she would do it with me I would not move and I would put my hand close to her and she would bite at it and I would say, “Come on, bite harder.” She realized I wasn’t going to be intimidated, so she knew I was trustworthy.

Over time she got to where she would not come out at all if anyone came into the home where we were living. She preferred to stay in the closet until she knew it was safe to come out. I do not have many pictures of her because no one ever saw her but me and I’m not able to move around that well to take pictures, but I treasure the few that I have.

Isis and Tigre

When I brought Tigre, my second Rescue Kitty, into our home Isis immediately took over as her mother and always protected her. They would both sleep together in the closet when ever people were around. Especially my caregivers. Tigre has had a lot of health problems and would have to be medicated frequently.  When Rene, the main person in my life, would try to get her out of the closet Isis would attack and she was extremely serious.

She never had a sick day in her life. I was always happy about that because I knew her fear of people would make it a horrible experience for her to go to the vet.  During the last year of her life I kept noticing and commenting on how thin she was getting.  She never expressed any signs of illness in any way.  Two months before she passed I knew she was sick and I knew it was related to her kidneys. Not once did she ever cry or act like she was in any sort of pain. She was always concerned about me and never wanted me to worry.  My instincts told me there was something wrong.  I had her see one vet and was not pleased with his so-called treatment and diagnosis.  I knew she needed to see the specialist that treated Tigre.

The specialist found that one kidney had such a large stone that it was not functioning.  He called to tell me this.  I kept thinking about her having to have treatments and I knew that it would be miserable for her.  The next day he called and said she had taken a sudden turn for the worst.  He could not understand why she went down so quickly.  It did not surprise me.  He gave me time to prepare myself and I was able to astral project myself to her.  Physically I was on his cell phone talking to her the whole time while he gave her the injection to pass.

I saw her cross over and she stood at the rainbow bridge.  On the other side stood my father holding my little dog Julia, who he always loved.  He motioned for Isis to come over and she crossed the bridge and jumped up into his other arm.  They stood looking at me and I know that they will be there waiting for me when my time comes.

Out of personal curiosity the doctor did an autopsy on her and found that she had cancer of the liver.  She was a very sick little girl and never let on.  The doctor made a special box for her and buried her in his backyard.

This past December 2019 my beloved Tigre passed.  As I did with Isis I was prepared to travel with her into spirit on her passing and I did.  When we got to the other side, at the Rainbow Bridge, when Isis came running across to Tigre.  She started licking her all over.  She just kept on licking her excessively.  I realized she was wiping off the remnants of this life.  Tigre had been sick all of her life and Isis wanted her to come into the spirit without any of that baggage.  Once Isis had finished cleaning Tigre they started walking across the bridge and this time I followed.  When I got to the middle of the bridge I could see once again my father and my little dog Julia standing waiting for them.  My father turned around and started walking into spirit, Julia followed.  Once Isis saw him she ran after him and Tigre followed her.  I saw them disappear into the mystic.  I came back into this dimension.

I talk to Isis every day and I have seen her several times since she passed.  I have seen her jump up on the bed on her special cushion.  I have felt her go under my arm and lay underneath me.  One morning I woke up with her licking my forehead.  I treasure those moments that she comes around.  I know she will always be a part of my life.

There will never be another animal in my life that will equal Isis. I knew she was special from the moment I saw her.  I know that we will be together, along with Tigre, once again when I meet her at the end of the rainbow bridge.

If you are missing a pet and would like to connect with them I can do that for you.  Check Out My Animal Communication Service Here.  I also do Animal Healing work and if you have a pet that has physical or emotional problems I can definitely help them.  Find Out More Here.  It’s always an honor to work with these wonderful animals.

“Time may change me, but I can’t change time.”  David Bowie

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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April 19, 2020

I rescued many, many animals over many, many years… i grieve the loss of all of them and miss everyone of them tremendously.
I had a cat to whom I was soo attached and loved sooo much ( not that i didn’t love and cherish them all), but this little guy was sooooo special to me. He was afraid of ppl, very shy, and someone opened the door and let two of my cats out. I was never able to find him, i did find the other cat….
I am physically sick with upset and worry about the kitty i couldn’t find. That was exactly one year ago.

I am so sorry for your loss, but so happy you can connect to KNOW how your critters are doing.
Thanks for all your posts!!

Alice F Eddings
Alice F Eddings

April 19, 2020

What a beautiful story. Your e-mail arrived the afternoon when I had to put my 16 year old Siamese to sleep. He had end stage renal failure and I knew he was struggling. He was my comfort and my life for those sixteen years. I was able to hold and comfort him as he slipped away. I will be in touch with you soon. God bless.


April 16, 2020

Hi, the reason I came to your site is because I had lost a pet, Mia is her name, I liked to call her Mia Dog. I am also part Cherokee and thought why not. Mia Dog passed on 9/17/2019 and I miss her like no other. I am 60 years old and have to say this is the hardest pain I have ever gone through. It was just Mia Dog and I for 13 years and it is really hard being alone without her in my life in the physical. I know that she is alive in the spirit for she came and visited me a couple of month after her passing. I know it was real, because she was laying in the hall way when I first woke up in the morning and she came up to me and impressed the word Dragons Blood in my mind. Well I never heard of such a thing and I looked it up and it was a real thing. I found out that it has healing power and I bought some on Amazon and it made me feel better. The amazing part about this is I was looking into natural herbs and spices for healing, and Dragons Blood does just that. I also wonder if it is maybe due to this virus that has the world all shook up. I have told others about this and that you just can’t make this stuff up, especially sense I have never ever heard of it before. Mia Dog came back to me to help me, She and I have a huge love bond, and I feel her everyday. it hurts her being gone and joy that she is still alive. I love that dog…

Melinda Bohnett
Melinda Bohnett

April 14, 2020

This was lovely. You had a very special girl.

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