Full Flower Moon May 7, 2020 –Super Moon in Scorpio

April 29, 2020 4 Comments

Full Flower Moon May 7, 2020 –Super Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Full Moon arrives on Thursday, May 7, 2020.  This Full Flower Moon has a spiritual, healing and compassionate influence. This full Moon will be the last of the three Super Moons to occur this year, so don’t miss it!

Can you guess how this Full Moon got its name? That’s right Flowers. Flowers are becoming abundant now. They are literally everywhere. It can also be known as the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, and the Hare Moon. The Earth is most fertile right now so it’s time to start planting spiritual and physical seeds!

The May 2020 full moon will make you feel more sympathetic and understanding. It will make you more sensitive but also better able to understand your conflicting emotions. Importantly, it will then help you envisage a brighter future once the loss and suffering from the coronavirus pandemic begins to subside.

Mother Earth, Pandemic and You!

We all have been experiencing this pandemic and it has changed our lives.  I’m sure you have stories you could tell me about what has happened to you over the last two months.  I know that it has not been easy for the majority of us.  How could it be when we have had our whole existence pulled out from under us?

People are getting tired of being confined and I feel it has a lot to do with Mother Nature.  She is coming to life at this time of year and she calls for us to enjoy her.  It’s within our souls to want to be a part of Mother Earth.  This year I feel Mother Earth is rejoicing in the fact that she is getting a chance to heal.  The shutdown of the world has stopped so much pollution and animals are getting a chance to live more freely.

Be still and the Earth will speak to you

I feel like Mother Nature is taking a long sigh of relief.  She has needed this break from pollution for a long time.  Now is the time to honor her and be grateful that she has sustained us for so long.

Slowly we’re seeing a reduction in the coronavirus and as long as we continue using safety precautions it will lesson.  Please continue to use cautionary methods when going out.  You cannot think that it is all over.  This virus can be quite tricky so please continue practicing safe measures.

For those who are called as Light Workers this is a wonderful time to use all of your spiritual muscles to continue to heal Mother Earth, people and the economy.  Let’s face it many people are struggling to survive and our goal is to help them make it through this rough ordeal.  That’s the reason we are Light Workers is we’re spreading the Light of the Divine and that is so needed at this time.

No one person can solve everyone’s problems, but we can change our little part of the world. 

How can we do this?

  • Be an example of the Divine Light.
  • Be gentle with everyone.
  • Plant a garden if you have not already.
  • Help out a loved one or neighbor.

Everything that breaks apart comes back together again, but it won’t come back exactly the same.  So remember this is going to pass and things will start up again, but it’s going to be much different than before.  We are a strong people and can change with the shifting waves.  We will find a way to survive.

I know that this has been so stressful on so many people and I’m doing my very best to help in my articles and videos and working privately with individuals.  I always find a way to give people hope and strong messages as well as spiritual tools to work with.  Believe me spiritual tools are very important.  Everyone knows about prayer but not many know about the different spiritual tools that are available for us to use.

Let me guide you and help you on your path through this pandemic.

I do believe you will come out of this stronger than before and hopefully we will have a new respect for Mother Earth.  I feel that people will not want to be going out as much as they used to and they will find that they are more content working in their garden then they are in going out.  Mother Nature often points out the folly of mankind and perhaps this will be one of the lessons that comes from this pandemic.

The Earth is most fertile right now so it’s time to start planting spiritual and physical seeds!

It’s a great time to plant something in the garden of your life.  Plant a vegetable garden.  Plant flowers in honor of this full moon! Bring fresh flowers into your house, or design a headband made of flowers for yourself.

The energy on the night of a full moon is very powerful. It’s a perfect night to recharge your energy.  A simple ceremony of lighting a candle and sending up prayers is great ways to kick start your energy in the right direction.

Burning Candle

Flower Moon observations revolve around the bounty and beauty of nature this time of year.  A lunar ritual can be as simple as taking a walk.  It does not necessarily need to be done at night as long as it’s done with the intention of connecting to Mother Nature and your higher self.

Now is the time to focus on the changes going on in your personal life.  Pray for the world, but focus on you during the next 28 days!

Tending to your relationships — not just yourself — is just one more way to help your personal life blossom under the Flower Moon.

So let the emphasis to be on you! Use this night to draw down the energy of the moon and empower yourself for your work and what you wish throughout the month.

Don’t miss this wonderful evening!

The full moon is the perfect time to let go of the past.  Know that healing of the planet is occurring and trust that the Great Divine Spirit is healing us in a new and enlightened way.

Don’t forget that this is the perfect time to receive answers from your angels and guides and you can get this with my Special Full Moon Reading.  You will never forget the powerful messages that come through.

Full Moon blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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May 07, 2020

Thank you, Cherokee, for this message! Your guidance is always appreciated and I will take heed and share this with my friends in ceremony tonight. Love, blessings, and peace to you always, Virginia

Starlight *Linda
Starlight *Linda

May 06, 2020

Full Moon blessings to you Cherokee Billie and your wise advise on this night if more people begin to realise there is more than just them and see the bigger picture and the bigger world then all the sacrifice of those that have passed over will have been worth it so many more angels now so many who are in pain and sorrow I wish that people’s prayers wishes petitions could be answered for their highest good and that once this negativity has gone that everybody could say do think one kind thought action or deed. I send you in love and light the thought of protection for you and your loved ones from all adversity. Kindest thoughts and warmest blessings Starlight *Linda


May 03, 2020

Very nice article. I believe your right. Nice weather, people are tired of being confined and they want to start working and working outside again and enjoying life. Thank You for this Billie


May 01, 2020

This is a very enlightening post Billie and if we take a few minutes to look around us, we can see that although the world is dealing with a pandemic that’s destroying so many lives, there are some positive things that if we look carefully enough we can see. To be able to breathe fresh air is a gift in itself. I’ve stood at my back door before going to bed and been able to view a night sky that has been beautiful, the longer I’ve stood there the more stars have been visible with little or no air pollution to spoil the view. Mother nature is trying her best to repair the planet. To see wildlife seeming to be so much happier is another bonus. This includes a video of a sheep bouncing on a trampoline that I saw yesterday. I’m lucky enough to have a small garden which is a joy. Every day something else begins to bloom. In this very sad time we need little things like this to lift our spirits. My lasting prayer is that when this is all over and behind us that we all look at the larger picture and make sure that we ensure that we will find a way to balance the needs of everything and everyone who lives on our beautiful planet. xx

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