Cooper the Cat’s Healing Journey

July 05, 2023 1 Comment

Cooper the Cat’s Healing Journey

I got to know Cooper eight years ago as he is one of many cats my friend Julie has.  Julie has been an asset in my life and I appreciate her enormously.  Cooper always is full of antics and he makes me laugh quite a bit.

Six years ago Julie was telling me that she had taken Cooper to the vet because he wasn’t able to use his hind legs.  The veterinarian was not able to find a reason for his problem.  Julie was devastated by this and I offered to do a healing on him.

I work through Archangel Raphael and I do all of my healing sessions remotely.  As I was moving my hands along Cooper’s vertebrae I felt a distinct click at one of the vertebrae.  This click was what I felt using a chiropractic tool called The Activator.  I told Julie what I had felt and I continued going through the rest of his body and I could feel the energy flowing really well and I knew he had received a healing.

As soon as I finished, Cooper jumped off the bed and was walking around normally.  He had not walked for many days.  That was a long time ago and he has never had a problem since..

Whenever he hears me on the phone he comes running as he likes for me to talk to him.  He always has something he wants to relay and I talk with him.  He’s such a character and a vibrant personality.

A week ago Julie informed me that he was acting very sick.  Due to his not eating he went from 16 pounds to 10 pounds. He needed to go to the veterinarian to get blood work done and find out what was wrong.  The analysis came back with him having diabetes.

The economy being so repressed has caused Julie, her husband, and her three sons to have a difficult time making ends meet.  She was devastated at the cost it would take to do insulin on Cooper.  The vet informed her that if she could not afford to do the insulin treatment she needed to euthanize Cooper.  She loves him very much as they’ve been together for 10 years and he is her baby.

She could not bear the thought of losing him without some sort of work being done on him.  I immediately offered to do an energy session.  This was too important to both of us.

Once the analysis could come back I knew what I was working with and we made time for another session with Cooper immediately.

Once again I started my energy work on Cooper and he laid and listened to all that I was saying to him.  Archangel Raphael was going through his body and I did feel Cooper connecting to that energy and holding it.  Julie was holding him and she said he was passed out asleep and one of her other cats was in the room and he also conked out from the healing energy.  Julie’s husband came in while I was doing the work and he was amazed watching the cat’s reaction to the work.

 After doing the energy work Cooper is eating once again and full of energy.  He’s on a special food and supplements that will lower his need for insulin.  Of course I will keep working on him and praying for his healing.  Archangel Raphael will continue working with him.

Cooper the Cat

Animals are so easy to work on because they don’t have blockages like humans.  Humans want to understand every single aspect.  An animal just accepts.  That’s what makes working on them so wonderful and easy to work with.

Cooper passed gently into spirit on December 13, 2022.  I was with him up until the very last moment.  He was grateful for the extra seven years I gave him.  Fly on Sweet Angel!

If you have a pet that is going through health issues please consider having me do Energy Healing as it can often do wonderful things that were thought impossible by normal standards.

I will work closely with your pet and to the very best that is possible for them.

Also I do teach how to do Animal Energy Healing So if your a pet parent and want to learn please contact me and you can learn more about this Service Here.

Thank you for reading this little article.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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April 17, 2024

What a wonderful story, it sure can give any pet parent, like myself, assurance that there’s hope for change, and that miracles can and have happened. Thank you, Billie

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